Tools to Rip, Mix and Burn PDFs

There are plenty of ways to to rip, mix and burn PDFs. We propose you the most popular ones. Some tools and services are free, some are commercial.



Zamzar lets you convert files without the need to download software. It supports conversion between a wide variety of different file formats. Support for new formats is added all the time.

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Free CSS Layouts and Templates

There is a list of resources which offer free valid and visually appealing CSS-based templates – almost all of them are with images and full layout structure. You don’t have to waste your time writing the same code over and over again

Open Source Templates is a free CSS and XHTML open source template design showcase where the community gets to pick the best designs to be showcased on the front page.


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Code Beautifier and Formatter

Before using these tools and services make sure you have a backup of your data.

Ruby Script Beautifier is itself written in Ruby, and it is surprisingly short. The script accepts a command-line list of file names, creates a backup copy of each named file and beautifies the originals. If there is an indentation error (an imbalance of opening and closing keywords), the script will print an error message but will save the result anyway. Indentation errors that appear in functional scripts are obviously the fault of the beautifier, not the script.

Quick Highlighter can format source codes written in over 85 languages – among them PHP, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Smarty, XML, CSS, Delphi, C++, and more. The tool formats source code and highlights inbuilt keywords, data types etc.

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The Most Popular Collaboration Tools

Family and Social Collaboration


Famundo for Families is your family hub, making your family’s schedule manageable and giving you control over your daily life. It offers Family Calendar, Address Book, Message Board and Family Library.

Cozi Central helps busy families manage schedules, appointments, shopping and communications from wherever you are — the kitchen, car, office or even the grocery store. Cozi Central is available as a software download and in a Web version.

Grouptivity is a web service platform that replaces “email a friend”. Grouptivity provides web publishers visibility over the distributed web content, and monetization opportunities.
It provides a significantly better experience for your web visitors to share and discuss web content.

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Popular Free Quality Fonts

Andron Scriptor has been issued to support scholarly editing purposes for medieval philological studies and is provided free of charge. Font format: TrueType for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X.


Greyscale Basic


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