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The following online file storage services allow to save, browse and share files, photos, and documents from any computer or mobile device.

Send Files by Email

Driveway enables to upload multiple files, upto a maximum limit of 500 MB per file. free account provides 2 GB storage. Users can manage and share file folders with ease, track file downloads.

FileFactory lets you host files up to 300MB for free. You don’t have to register and there is nothing to download. Your files can be downloaded an unlimited number of times.

MailBigFile requires no registration. You can send up to a 100MB file to one recipient.

EvilShare allows to upload and share you files for free. You can upload max 128 MB per file.

Sharebee is a free service that relies on advertising to support this service. Max file size is 100 MB.

Jagbox allows to upload a file up to 100MB in size, share the link, and set an expiration time.

JustUpIt requires no registration and is free of charge. There is nothing to install and no special software required. All you need is the browser you are using right now. A file can be up to 100mb.

DropSend helps you do two things: send files and store files online. Free account provides 250 MB of online storage. It allows to perform 5 sends per month. Max size of file is 1 GB. Files can be downloaded 7 times. offers to upload a file up to 50MB in size, share it with friends.

SEND6 is a professional free service for fast and reliable file delivery on the Internet. You can send up to 6 files at once. No registration is needed. It provides access to your address book on Outlook, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo.

With Storeandserve you can share things like videos, audio clips, pictures, documents, and much more. You receive a set of links to post on MySpace, weblogs, email, message boards, and instant messengers. No registration required. sends files up to 1GB for free is a place for you to upload your files and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 7 days non activity, regardless if they have been picked up or not. You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 1000MB each.

With YouSwap you can upload and share unlimited files for free.

Pandafile is an easy way to put something on the web. Just upload your file and share it with the world. Note that Pandafile reserves the right to remove any uploaded file at any time without any notice.

Online Backup

Yuntaa is currently in Beta mode and offering Free Accounts for everyone, although you can sign up for a paid account if you’d like more storage space. Your Free 1GB account will remain free even after it moves into production mode.

Steekr stores online your music, photos, videos and other files. You no longer have to “take” them with you, they are already available everywhere. Free account offers 1GB storage (250 songs, 500 pictures).

gDisk is a software that turns your GMail account into a portable hard drive so you can always have your important files accessible across the Internet. Requirements: a Mac with Mac OS X (10.3 or above) and a Google GMail account.

Omnidrive empowers you to access, edit, and share your files from anywhere with just a web browser. Free account provides 1GB storage.

MyOtherDrive provides Internet users the ability to store online and share videos, music, photos – any file. The site provides each user with 5GB of storage space that can be selectively shared. Unlike other online storage sites, MyOtherDrive allows you to upload files in bulk (not one by one like so many sites do). The uploaded files can be any size (up to 2GB). The site allows users to create groups and share their folders selectively to these groups (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) . You can define as many groups as necessary and your friends can be placed in more than one group.

BlogBackupOnline provides an effortless way to backup, restore, and export your blog. No software or programming required. Backing up your blog is free while BlogBackupOnline is in Beta. 50mb of storage space is allocated per account.

Egnyte backups your files, stores them securely, exports them back to your computer in a crash. Free account provides 1GB storage.

Textive offers to store and share all the good stuff you write (like trip journals and term papers, etc) for free. And if you do make it available for others, Textive will pay you.

Storage/Sharing Services

MegaUpload is a leading provider of online storage. MegaUpload allows to send files up to 500MB, offers ad-financed free and affordable premium online storage, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools, and high-volume business accounts including pay-per-download.

MediaMax gives you a private and secure place to upload, store, access, and share your personal videos, photos, movies, music, and files. Create a free account and get 25 GB of secure online storage. You will be able to download or share 1GB/month, and send files up to 10 MB in size.

eSnips is a social media sharing site that provides 1GB of free storage to upload any type of file. Files can be organized into folders and for each folder you can determine a different privacy setting. Folders can be private, shared with a group or public.

MediaFire allows free unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, unlimited bandwidth, multiple simultaneous downloads and no sign up required. You can also easily access your files from anywhere with a free account and your own “My Files” page.

With FileDen‘s free file hosting and online storage service it’s easy to share files across the Internet with friends, family, work associates or anyone else.It allows users to direct link to their files also giving you the opportunity to embed your files into your webpages, myspace or other social networking profiles. It provides 1GB of personal storage space, a 50mb maximum file size limit, 5GB of monthly bandwidth.

YahooBriefcase is a free online storage system with 30MB of space, and Yahoo Mail integration. You can either keep your files private, or set up a specific list of people (using their Yahoo IDs) who are allowed to view the files. A premium version of this service is also available, with more storage space and the ability to share files publicly. is an easy way to upload and share your files. Whether you decide to make your file public, share it with a group of users you define, create download codes, automatically e-mail them or keep the file just for yourself, it’s your choice.

BooMP3 offers free unlimited audio hosting. You can upload either anonymously or you can log in. is a service that allows you to have 1GB of free online storage without ads. You can have 5GB for $5 a month or 15GB for $10 month. The only limitations of the free account are: 10MB file size limit and no phone support.

Divshare Upload unlimited files. Serve unlimited downloads. Files stay online forever. For large businesses and publications, DivShare offers powerful and flexible enterprise solutions that provide fully branded, easy-to-use hosting for video, audio and other files.

FilesUpload is a good alternative for sending large time- and money-wasting e-mail attachments. It offers is a free file hosting service. The scheme is simple: once a file has been uploaded to the site, you can just e-mail the link to the recipient. The service is free and does not require any complex program to be installed.

XDrive get 5GB of FREE space, and save a secure copy of your photo collection, home videos, music, and any other digital file.

QuickSharing – allows unlimited downloads. Free to use, there is absolutely no money involved, you can use this service for free. 500MB limit per file, upload and share as many as you want. We only delete if the file is not accessed within the past 30 days.

DepositFiles allows free storage of your files on our servers for any period of time. The largest possible size of stored file is 2000MB. The total size of the stored files is unlimited.

BigFilebox offers file hosting and sharing services. Free accounts includes 500 MB storage, and allows 250MB file transfer.

HushMail offers a web-based free email and online file storage service with 2MB of shared file/email storage space and very powerful 2048-bit encryption for maximum security. HushMail implements a number of spam control features such as allow/block lists and a challenge/response system. Service features include external POP3 email retrieval, an address book, autoresponders, digital signature verification and end-to-end encryption of email, attachments and stored files. The premium ad-free service level adds IMAP support, plus up to 128MB of secure file/email storage.

FileHo is an online one-click file-hosting service. It allows users to upload, host and share files for free. You may share uploaded files amongst your friends or wherever you want. You are welcome to use your favorite FTP client for uploading your files to FileHo.

DataFileHost – Max. file size 10MB, unlimited uploads, download limit is 2.5GB/month for each file and for files smaller than 1MB there is no limit. File kept until no downloads for 30 days.

DropBoks is a little website that allows you to securely store your files online. No bells and whistles, just simplicity. It offers 1 GB of storage space. You can upload/download files (any format) as large as 50 MB. It’s free, though we will soon be offering the option to upgrade your storage for a small monthy cost.

MyDataBus is the easiest way to store, transfer, and share your files online. Post files for MySpace, eBay, LiveJournal, Craigslist & more. It offers 10 GB of Storage. Upload large files- up to 1.5GB. No transfer limit for personal files.

exaroom‘s free account enables you to connect with family and friends, access friends’ files from any browser, share and remotely access your stuff.

FileFront allows user to upload as many files as you like in any format and there’s no LIMITATION storage in each member account. Uploading file can be up to 1GB. You can also navigate to add blog, photo, file and video. The only limitation is do not upload a large file if your connection speed is too slow or inactive as you will probably end up with a hanging screen after 10 hours processing. FileFront require registration.

flypicture is a great place to store your picture files, audio files, movie files, or other documents online. This service is available free for blogs, forums, netcasts, or auctions.

FREEFILEHOSTING is a reliable and dedicated hosting for almost any occasion ( forums, auctions, instant messaging, chat, bulleting boards, and e-mail). You can choose to share your download link with anyone or everyone. You can also hotlink your images for use on weblogs or personal web pages. Max File Size is 3 MB.

MegaShares allows to upload whatever you like without a required registration. The single session upload limit is 1.5GB (1,500 Megabytes!). Unlimited File Life: 25 Days.

Ewedrive is not just on-line backup. It’s your complete Internet hard drive. 1GB is free, buy-as-you-need or go Unlimited. No software to install, no file size limits You can encrypt and store files your way.

Megashares is all-in-one file hosting service. It offers a Java-based web application for uploading entire folders all at once, upload resuming, downloading from your FTP for backup or mirroring and more. Megashares is your one-stop file hosting service for you, your friends, and colleagues. is a filehosting service with no artificial limits. Its load balanced cluster of linux dedicated servers allows to offer the following services absolutely free to our users: resumable downloads, download accelerators are allowed, no daily / hourly download limitations. does not block users by country or ip. Split archives are allowed. You don’t have to install anything to download any files (no toolbars, spyware etc).

UploadingIT is the easiest way for you to share your files with you friends, family, and the world safely. It offers up to 15gb of online disk space to store 1000’s of files, with 1GB of daily bandwidth for you to share those files will anyone any day of the week.

Speedyshare allows everyone to upload files to its servers, and publish the download links on the World Wide Web. User is allowed to upload only legal files which are freely distributable. Shall the user upload anything illegal, it will be deleted immediately. The upload limit is 30 MB per each upload (1500 MB for registered users). User is allowed to upload more files separately.

Supload is a free file hosting – upload and share images, music, audio, videos, or any kind of files. It is great for MySpace, LiveJournal, eBay, Xanga, and anywhere you can post photos or videos! File size limit: 200MB, download limit: 30, downloads file life: 7 Days.

Turboupload allows to send your large files to your friends or host your files (backup) totally free. Provides absolutely free hosting. Here you can host legal files like backup from your PC or your home made movies or your digital images or your excel/word documents etc. Number of downloads is unlimited. is a free hosting service. Here you can upload videos, audio, images, software and another documents, to the Internet for free. The maximum file size unlimited.

Uploading is a leading provider of services that allow secure uploading, transferring and file sharing. Maximum size of the uploading file is only150 Mb, because that the downloading of bigger files often gets interrupted. Considering this limitation split archives and separate downloading of every fragment is allowed. Thus, if you need to upload a file bigger than 150 Mb, you should just split it and upload all its fragments separately.

YourFileLink is a free file hosting service which provided both security, reliability, and fast uploading / downloading speed.

ZShare uploads files, images, videos, audio and flash for free. Simply use the upload form below and start sharing! You can also use zShare as your personal file storage: backup your data and protect your files. File Size Limit: 100MB Download Limit: Unlimited File Life: 10 Days (Deleted only if there is no download activity in 10 days).

Zupload is a service provider powered by dedicated servers. It offers a fast and simple way to share files. All files web hosting are on powerful and stable linux dedicated servers. It features 500 MB Max file, unlimited downloads, fast upload/download speed.

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    Actually the one I am using which is pretty great is not on this list – its called SMEStorage ( and it has some unique features around group sharing and collaboration features as well as email backup, and the ability to access my files from the iPhone.

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    Adrive is really a good service but it disables shared file after i guess 10 or 15 days.. Its not good. i m trying this one with “Sharing for unlimited period of time” Maximum 2gb…

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    All i can say the best file sharing website in the world is that the OPENDRIVE.COM..Promise it is more easier than others!!!Love You all..Mwahhh

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