How to Send Email Messages to Phone

It is possible to receive email messages to your phone. The majority of carriers have “SMS gateways”. They take email messages from the Internet and deliver them to their customers’ cell phones as SMS text messages.  This means you can send email message which will be converted into SMS text message, and sent directly to the mobile phone. This can be useful for those who need to receive important messages quickly and accurately, especially if the person you are trying to contact is only available by mobile phone.


Teleflip is an easy way to send email to any phone. Just address it to [10-digit phone number] This service allows to get emails and choose where you get emails from. No extra costs, fancy phones or contracts.


Google Mobile provides free service to send free messages. Note that charges from your carrier for usage may apply.


TxtDrop enables users in the United States and Canada to send text messages with instant delivery. No more need to pay your cellular provider up to 10 cents for sending your friend a text. Just enter your name, your friends mobile number and your message and we’ll send your text instantly. Completely free of charge.


GismoSMS provides service to send free messages to any mobile phone. There is no charge to send messages with Gizmo SMS however the receiver may have charges for receiving the message.


Pikamo lets you send text messages worldwide from your phone or from our social networking website. Peekamo is now available in 179 countries with support for over 500 mobile providers. Use Pikamo on your HTC camera phone and see just how effective it is.

SMS Gateways

In order to send an email message to a phone, it is not enough to know the recipient’s phone number. You also need to know what carrier the recipient’s phone is on, since the carrier determines what email address of the receiving phone is going to be. For example, Cingular phones’ address are all “[email protected]” while Verizon phones are “[email protected]
Find your carrier in the list below, and then use the pattern shown there to figure out your email address. If you want to send email to friends’ phone, just ask them which carrier they use.

Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]
Web Form

[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]
Web Form

Boost Mobile
[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]
Web Form

Virgin Mobile USA
[10-digit phone number]
Example: 55525555[email protected]
Web Form

AT&T Wireless (now part of Cingular)
[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]

[10-digit phone number] OR
[10-digit number]
Example: [email protected]

Nextel (now part of Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit telephone number]
Example: [email protected]

Web Form

[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]
Web Form

[10-digit phone number]
Example: [email protected]
Web Form

Other Carriers:

3 River Wireless [email protected]
ACS Wireless [email protected]
Advantage Communications [email protected]
Airtouch Pagers [email protected]
Airtouch Pagers [email protected]
Airtouch Pagers [email protected]
Airtouch Pagers [email protected]
AlphNow [email protected]
Alltel [email protected]
Alltel PCS [email protected]
Ameritech Paging [email protected]
Ameritech Paging [email protected]
Ameritech Clearpath [email protected]
Andhra Pradesh Airtel [email protected]
Arch Pagers (PageNet) [email protected]
Arch Pagers (PageNet) [email protected]
Arch Pagers (PageNet) [email protected]
AT&T PCS [email protected]
AT&T Pocketnet PCS [email protected]
Beepwear [email protected]
BeeLine GSM [email protected]
Bell Atlantic [email protected]
Bell Canada [email protected]
Bell Canada [email protected]
Bell Mobility (Canada) [email protected]
Bell Mobility [email protected]
Bell South (Blackberry) [email protected]
Bell South [email protected]
Bell South [email protected]
Bell South [email protected]
Bell South [email protected]
Bell South Mobility [email protected]
Blue Sky Frog [email protected]
Bluegrass Cellular [email protected]
Boost [email protected]
BPL mobile [email protected] & wireless, Panama [email protected] Mobile Communications [email protected]
Cellular One East Coast [email protected]
Cellular One South West [email protected]
Cellular One PCS [email protected]
Cellular One [email protected]
Cellular One [email protected]
Cellular One [email protected]
Cellular One [email protected]
Cellular One [email protected]
Cellular One [email protected]
Cellular One West [email protected]
Cellular South [email protected]
Central Vermont Communications [email protected]
CenturyTel [email protected]
Chennai RPG Cellular [email protected]
Chennai Skycell / Airtel [email protected]
Cincinnati Bell ph[email protected]
Cingular [email protected]
Cingular Wireless [email protected]
Cingular Wireless [email protected]
Cingular Wireless [email protected]
Clearnet [email protected]
Comcast [email protected]
Communication Specialists [email protected]
Communication Specialist Companies [email protected]
Comviq [email protected]
Cook Paging [email protected]
Corr Wireless Communications [email protected]
Delhi Aritel [email protected]
Delhi Hutch [email protected]
Digi-Page / Page Kansas [email protected]
Dobson Cellular Systems [email protected]
Dobson-Alex Wireless / Dobson-Cellular One [email protected]
DT T-Mobile [email protected]
Dutchtone / Orange-NL [email protected]
Edge Wireless [email protected]
EMT [email protected]
Escotel [email protected]
Fido [email protected]
Galaxy Corporation [email protected]
GCS Paging [email protected]
Goa BPLMobil [email protected]
Golden Telecom [email protected]
GrayLink / Porta-Phone [email protected]
GTE [email protected]
GTE [email protected]
GTE [email protected]
Gujarat Celforce [email protected]
Houston Cellular [email protected]
Idea Cellular [email protected]
Infopage Systems [email protected]
Inland Cellular Telephone [email protected]
The Indiana Paging Co [email protected]
JSM Tele-Page [email protected]
Kerala Escotel [email protected]
Kolkata Airtel [email protected]
Kyivstar [email protected]
Lauttamus Communication [email protected]
LMT [email protected]
Maharashtra BPL Mobile [email protected]
Maharashtra Idea Cellular [email protected]
Manitoba Telecom Systems [email protected]
MCI Phone [email protected]
MCI [email protected]
Meteor [email protected]
Meteor [email protected]
Metrocall [email protected]
Metrocall 2-way [email protected]
Metro PCS [email protected]
Metro PCS [email protected]
Microcell [email protected]
Midwest Wireless [email protected]
MiWorld [email protected]
Mobilecom PA [email protected]
Mobilecomm [email protected]
Mobileone [email protected]
Mobilfone [email protected]
Mobility Bermuda [email protected]
Mobistar Belgium [email protected]
Mobitel Tanzania [email protected]
Mobtel Srbija [email protected]
Morris Wireless [email protected]
Motient [email protected]
Movistar [email protected]
Mumbai BPL Mobile [email protected]
Mumbai Orange [email protected]
NBTel [email protected]
Netcom [email protected]
Nextel [email protected]
Nextel [email protected]
Nextel [email protected]
NPI Wireless [email protected]
Ntelos [email protected]
O2 [email protected]
O2 (M-mail) [email protected]
Omnipoint [email protected]
Omnipoint [email protected]
One Connect Austria [email protected]
OnlineBeep [email protected]
Optus Mobile [email protected]
Orange [email protected]
Orange Mumbai [email protected]
Orange – NL / Dutchtone [email protected]
Oskar [email protected]
P&T Luxembourg [email protected]
Pacific Bell [email protected]
PageMart [email protected]
PageMart Advanced /2way [email protected]
PageMart Canada [email protected]
PageNet Canada [email protected]
PageOne NorthWest [email protected]
PCS One [email protected]
Personal Communication [email protected] (number in subject line)
Pioneer / Enid Cellular [email protected]
PlusGSM [email protected]
Pondicherry BPL Mobile [email protected]
Powertel [email protected]
Price Communications [email protected]
Primco [email protected]
Primtel [email protected]
ProPage [email protected]
Public Service Cellular [email protected]
Qualcomm [email protected]
Qwest [email protected]
RAM Page [email protected]
Rogers AT&T Wireless [email protected]
Rogers Canada [email protected]
Safaricom [email protected]
Satelindo GSM [email protected]
Satellink [email protected]
SBC Ameritech Paging [email protected]
SCS-900 [email protected]
SFR France [email protected]
Skytel Pagers [email protected]
Skytel Pagers [email protected]
Simple Freedom [email protected]
Smart Telecom [email protected]
Southern LINC [email protected]
Southwestern Bell [email protected]
Sprint [email protected]
Sprint PCS [email protected]
ST Paging [email protected]
SunCom [email protected]
SunCom [email protected]
Sunrise Mobile [email protected]
Sunrise Mobile [email protected]
Surewest Communicaitons [email protected]
Swisscom [email protected]
T-Mobile [email protected]
T-Mobile [email protected]
T-Mobile Austria [email protected]
T-Mobile Germany [email protected]
T-Mobile UK [email protected]
Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile [email protected]
Tele2 Latvia [email protected]
Telefonica Movistar [email protected]
Telenor [email protected]
Teletouch [email protected]
Telia Denmark [email protected]
Telus [email protected]
TIM [email protected]
Triton [email protected]
TSR Wireless [email protected]
TSR Wireless [email protected]
UMC [email protected]
Unicel [email protected]
Uraltel [email protected]
US Cellular [email protected]
US Cellular [email protected]
US West [email protected]
Uttar Pradesh Escotel [email protected]
Verizon Pagers [email protected]
Verizon PCS [email protected]
Verizon PCS [email protected]
Vessotel [email protected]
Virgin Mobile [email protected]
Virgin Mobile [email protected]
Vodafone Italy [email protected]
Vodafone Japan [email protected]
Vodafone Japan [email protected]
Vodafone Japan [email protected]
Vodafone Spain [email protected]
Vodafone UK [email protected]
VoiceStream / T-Mobile [email protected]
WebLink Wiereless [email protected]
WebLink Wiereless [email protected]
West Central Wireless [email protected]
Western Wireless [email protected]

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