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Before using these tools and services make sure you have a backup of your data.

Ruby Script Beautifier is itself written in Ruby, and it is surprisingly short. The script accepts a command-line list of file names, creates a backup copy of each named file and beautifies the originals. If there is an indentation error (an imbalance of opening and closing keywords), the script will print an error message but will save the result anyway. Indentation errors that appear in functional scripts are obviously the fault of the beautifier, not the script.

Quick Highlighter can format source codes written in over 85 languages – among them PHP, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Smarty, XML, CSS, Delphi, C++, and more. The tool formats source code and highlights inbuilt keywords, data types etc.

Tabifier is a tool to properly indent computer code. It currently supports CSS, HTML, and C Style code; the latter being anything that uses curly braces to start and end blocks, and semicolons to terminate statements. JavaScript and PHP both fall into that latter category. (For JavaScript, only when you put the semicolons in, which you always should even though they’re technically optional.)

CSS Beautifier offers a variety of options, among them – Style Rule Settings, Style Property Settings, Alphabetizing Feature and De-Capitalization Feature.

CSS Formatierer und Optimierer is based on csstidy 1.3dev. The service is available in 4 languages : English, Deutsch, French, Chinese. It provides different compression layouts; you can sort selectors, properties, regroup selectors, optimize shorthands, compress colors, compress font-weight, discard invalid properties and add timestamps. It also allows to create a custom template the system will use to format the code. Note that your code should be well-formed. This is not a validator which points out errors in your CSS code.

Highlight.js is a tool that highlights syntax in code examples on blogs, forums and in fact on any web pages. It’s very easy to use because it works automatically: finds blocks of code, detects a language, highlights it. It also allows highlighting for code examples marked up with writing syntaxes like Markdown where there is no way to specify HTML class easily. The program knows following languages: Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, XML, HTML, CSS, Django, Javascript, VBScript , Delphi, Java, C++, RenderMan (RSL and RIB), SQL, SmallTalk, Axapta, and 1C.

Code Beautifier Plus knows only 3 languages – Java, C# and ActionScript.

PHP Formatter is a free tool is designed to apply your own style. This is handy for the following reasons: you’ve downloaded an unreadable script or a script that doesn’t fit your style, years ago you made a script that doesn’t fit your current style, you want to publish your script, but it has to fit the PEAR style. There’s an option to color the code, delete newlines and/or comments and comment after control structures. Formatted code works exactly the same as non-formatted code. You can use your own styles. It’s suitable for PHP 4 and PHP 5. There’s an option to link PHP functions to the manual.

PHP Code Beautifier is a tool is designed to beautify PHP code. It applies most of the PEAR standard requirements to it. It can even process really scrambled scripts, e.g. all code in one line, and thus may help you to get scripts into a more readable form. It sets missing line breaks without removing any additional line breaks that you may use to group related things, and corrects wrong indentation according to the level of nested braces.

PrettyPrinter is a source code beautifier (source code formatter), similar to indent. It knows PHP, Java, C++, C, Perl, JavaScript, and CSS.It is advisable to make a backup before you replace your code.

PHP_Beautifier is a Open Source PHP application, distributed under the terms of PHP Licence 3.0. This program tries to reformat and beautify PHP 4 and PHP 5 code automatically. This tool may be useful for developers who get PHP code from other coders and are slightly confused, for those who can’t read their own PHP code anymore, and for those who want to share their PHP code.

Online Beautifier for JavaScript is a script that is intended to explore ugly javascripts, e.g compacted in one line, Use it if you want to pretty-format your javascripts. PHP source can be seen online or fetched from subversion repository at svn://

Tidy consists of many program libraries and comes in many variations: TidyGUI, HTML Tidy, HTML Code Export, CSSTidy, HTML Validator Firefox Extension.

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