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This article contains an overview of hand-picked domain-related tools, articles and resources that will help you to find a relevant, memorable, and brand-worthy name that isn’t already registered.

Search for Domain Names

domains bot

Domains Bot offers domain suggestions, name spinner, expired and expiring domain name search, for sale domains, whois lookup and registration .

Domain Hack Search Utility is a special domain name search utility. It results domain hack domain names, which are unconventional domain names like del.icio.us. Domain Hacks is purely search & suggestion utility.


Dyyo is the most powerful tool here to search for four letter domain names. Best of all, its database is updated daily so that you won’t waste your your time searching for a domain, but later find it is already registered. It also offers the daily list of just dropped four letter domains. It is guaranteed that the domains are dropped within last 24 hours and they are deleted by VeriSign in last month.


Make Words is an online domain name generator. Various algorithms and wordlists are used generate words and names that are “pronounceable” in different languages. You can select from sets of language rules to generate new words and query the entire .com and .net domain registry based on the results. Advanced search options let you specify the minimum and maximum length of the desired name, designate custom keywords, prefixes or suffixes. The built-in synonym finder with Thesaurus suggests additional keywords to consider in your name search.

Naque’ s Word Mixer was created to help inspire unique names for products, companies, pets, or even people. Word Mixer mixes several words together, combining them to create new terms. Ideal for creative domain names.

Nameboy is dedicated to offering the best name generator and locator on the Internet.

picky domains

Picky Domains unites 17 domain namers from United States, Canada, Russia, UK, Australia and New Zealand, all with extensive experience of picking great domain names. If you need a great, memorable, easy to pronounce domain name that exactly describes what your website is all about – you are in the right place. It finds available domain names that are descriptive, concise and are easily remembered. PickyDomains.Com is completely risk free. PickyDomians will work for free with blog owners (as long as your blog is real and has traffic).


StuckDomains suggests 100 % free expired domains and domain ideas search engine.

Domain Tools

AllWhois is a free service provided by MarkMonitor. It automatically locates the appropriate “whois” database server for a particular domain name, queries that database for information about that domain name, and returns all available data. In addition, a domain name availability check will also be performed, even if a particular domain extension doesn’t have a searchable whois database.

domain tools

DomainTools offers more that a dozen of tools, such as Domain Spy, Name Server Spy, Reverse IP Search, DNS tools, Domain Monitor, Whois, Typo Generator, and others. The registration is required.

Dot-o-mator creates name mashups, or generates some random names. Enter some prefix words in the left box, and suffixes in the right box (Or choose one of the word lists below each field). Then click “Combine”. Dot-o-mator will assemble every combination of the words into the results box; click “Check Availability” to see if any of them are available.


dnScoop attempts to estimate a value for an established website or a domain name by using factors such as: links pointing to the domain, popularity of the domain, age of the domain,pagerank of the domain,traffic to the domain, and more.

dns stuff

DNSstuff offers necessary domain tools. DNSreport – a tool which provides comprehensive information about the specified domain that may verify DNS ‘health’ or identify problems or issues. . WHOIS Lookup – finds contact information for the owner of specified domain/hostname. Reverse DNS – determines the hostname associated with a specified IP address.

Reverse IP DNS Domain Check Tool find other domain names hosted on your IP address. Just enter a domain (www.example.com) or an IP address ( to get a list of domain names that share the same IP address.

Domain-related Magazines and Weblogs

daily domainer

Daily Domainer

ambler on the net

Ambler on the Net is Christopher Ambler’s industry blog, covering Internet industry news, ICANN, the Domain Name System, Domainers, domain monetization, and other items of interest.

domainers gazette

Domainers Gazette


Names@Work is based in New York City. The blog is written by a network of people with years of experience on the Internet.

DN Journal dedicated to the Domain Industry News.

Domain Tools Blog – a great blog, where you can find useful articles

Rick Schwartz’ Weblog contains his thoughts on domains, traffic, closing more sales and just plain old business and marketing.

Seven Mile


Articles and Information

10 Tips for investing in Domain names – an article by Mark Fulton.

10 things you MUST know before you register a domain name with anyone essentials and basics of domain registering: general practice tricks, Whois database scams, domain lock-in, traffic and monetization scams.

Statistics about Domain Names WebHosting.Info is the largest research and statistics portal. It’s purpose is to continuously release data presenting micro and macro statistics about the Web Services industry — Hosting Companies, Registries, Domain Registrars, Data centers etc across the world. It also provides statistical trends and patterns across Countries, IP Addresses, Domain Names, Web Servers, Operating Systems and other variables directly or indirectly related to the Web Services Industry.

How To Get Started As A Domainer – 28 tips, tools, techniques and financing options to get you started on your way to successful domaining.

Establishing a Domain Portfolio is not as easy as it was in the past. There were more than 120 million registered domains as of December 2006. This means a lot less domain availability across the board and it’s getting increasingly competitive. There are more domain extensions now, such as .net, .us, .tv and others, but top level domains (TLDs) .com and .net are still the most widely sought after and respected extensions.

What’s in a name? A lot if it’s your domain Enterprising individuals register trademarked names and sell them back to the trademark owners for extortionate sums…

Every good domain is taken. Here’s why Think of any name and it’s probably already registered as a .com domain. Most sites blocking your path to a memorable and descriptive names are owned by domain squatters, businesses buying domain names in bulk and running targeted advertisements from Google and Yahoo!…

Top 4 Lies Domainers Tell Themselves: type-in traffic numbers are higher than you think, and growing; type-in traffic converts better than search; dot-mobi is the next dot-com; “Web 2.0 Communities” can be built automatically across huge portfolios of parked domains.

How Madison Avenue let down Corporate America and how both failed reveals a real world of domains.

Masters of their Domains Domain names, the real estate of the Web, have been delivering far greater returns. How some of the saviest speculators on the Net are making millions from their URL portfolios.

How to Snatch an Expiring Domain Domains do not expire when they say they do. The article explains the domain expiration process and what you need to do in order to use it to your advantage.

Only 30% Of Top Domains Sold In 2006 Actually In Use Of the 100 highest-priced domains sold in 2006, only 18 have been developed, 8 redirect to a developed site, 5 are affiliate sites, and 6 are currently under development. 9 domains don’t work at all and a massive 54 show PPC (pay per click) ads.

Mysterious Domain Names with Ads – all about making money with Domain Names.

Domain-related Forums and Communities

DN Forum provides access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.

Acorndomains a growing community of UK Domain Name owners, buyers and sellers. It is completely free to join and participate in Domain Name site.

NamePros is an active community of domain name owners, investors, buyers, and sellers of all kinds. You can join over 71,000 domain name owners from around the world and discuss anything about domain names and website development.

IDN Forum is the first English forum to focus on multilingual domain names. It is an online resource for domain buyers & sellers who are entering the international domain name market. Its members have a large variety of IDN domains, Japanese domains, Chinese domains, Korean domains, Russian domains, Arabic domains, and French & Spanish domains.

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