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WordPress Themes

wordpress themes

WordPress Themes provides a great amount of WordPress themes that are conveniently categorized according to the theme and theme properties.

ThemeViewer provides WordPress users with the opportunity to view the huge amount of themes available and allow them a quick test run or demo at the same time.

TemplateMonster provides an excellent collection of WordPress Themes that is updated regularly. If you fail to find the design for your blog, you can use the wishbox to request the design you desire.

Movable Type Styles

Style Library helps to make your Movable Type blog look fresh. You need just to choose a category, select a style, then click “Show Details” to download CSS and image files.

The Style Contest enables the design community to indulge and explore the contribution their expertise makes to the quality of blogging tools and the user experience and then to reward them for it. The Style Archive was created to provide a permanent home and gallery for the designers who contribute so greatly to all of our blogs — both directly and indirectly.

Style Generator can be used to create your own Styles with Movable Type.

Best WordPress Plugins

flickr photo album

Flickr Photos plugin will pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site. There is a pretty simple template provided, but you can customize the templates 100% to match the look and feel of your own site. This plugin will also add a new Photos tab in your WordPress edit screen which will allow you to easily insert your Flickr photos into your blog posts with just a couple clicks.

Sociable bookmarking sites allow websurfers to save, catalog, and share interesting pages they find online. The Sociable plugin appends links for your readers to use those sites to the end of each of your blog’s posts, increasing your potential audience.

Akismet is a blog comment spam prevention plug-in. It restores the innocence to blogging, so you never have to worry about spam again.

WordPress Backup creates backups of your core WordPress tables as well as other tables of your choice in the same database.

Adsense Deluxe is an easy-to-use plugin for WordPress 1.5+ (including WP 2.0) for quickly inserting Google or Yahoo! ads into your blog posts, and managing when and where those ads are displayed.

WP Cache is an extremely efficient WordPress page caching system to make your site much faster and responsive. It works by caching Worpress pages and storing them in a static file for serving future requests directly from the file rather than loading and compiling the whole PHP code and then building the page from the database. WP-Cache allows to serve hundred of times more pages per second, and to reduce the response time from several tenths of seconds to less than a millisecond.

Sitemap Generator generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.

Preview Pane is a plugin which returns the preview frame which was formely at the bottom of the edit screen showing a preview of your edits.

Facebook Photos provides easy access to your Facebook photos by allowing you to easily post them to your blog. After you have linked the plugin to your Facebook account, photos you upload to Facebook will automatically show up in a convenient “Photos” tab in your WordPress powered blog.

Feedburner Feed Replacement is a reliable way to track your entire feed-reading audience and can even result in that elusive “bump in subscribers” effect when you first activate it.

LightBox 2 is a WordPress plugin used to overlay images on the current page into neat Javascript-powered overlay popups.

Ultimate Tag Warrior is a multi-headed hydra of a plugin. It allows you to add tags either through the Write Post page in wordpress in a tag box, on posts using an AJAXy box, and in posts using special syntax from external editors (or internally). From the write post page, you can also get suggestions for tags using the Yahoo! keyword suggestion service.

Stat Traq provides detailed statistics in a nice graphical format. The plugin tracks public activity of WordPress and reports: hits, number of Unique PHP sessions, page views, IP Addresses, browser, referrer.

WordPress Plugin Repositories

Official WordPress Plugins Site is one of the best collection of WordPress plugins.
Wp-Plugins – a comprehensive list of WordPress plugins.
Wp Plugins DB – is a large database of plugins for WordPress.
Weblog Tools Collection posts regular WordPress news, updates of themes, plugins, ideas, hacks, quick fixes and everything about blogging. The site is available in Spanish and German.

Movable Type Plugins

MT Notifier plugin for Movable Type greatly increases the notification options you have available on your site. It extends the notification process by allowing subscriptions to individual entries, so that visitors to your site can keep up with comments that are left, as well as providing new entry notification for individual categories or even across an entire blog.

InlineEditor adds links to entries in your weblog which when clicked display the entry form inline – right there on your blog. This allows you to quickly edit entries without having to leave your weblog – a great way to correct those typos. InlineEditor also extends this functionality to comment inline editing – a blog administrator or a commenter (for a set amount of time) can edit a comment inline in a similar fashion to entries.

MT Blogroll – is more than a simple link manager. It has the ability to interact with a number of web services including Technorati, Ping-o-matic, and

Blog Search Engines

Ice Rocket is a Google-like blog search engine.

Google Blog Search is a very simple blog search engine. It looks through blogs and comments on blogs.

Sphere is a blog search engine that offers a contextual widget which shows related posts from other blogs.

Technorati searches, surfaces, and organizes blogs and the other forms of independent, user-generated content (photos, videos, voting, etc.)

Free Blog Hosting Services

Blogger is an easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people, and more. All for free.

With WordPress you can get a blog started in less time than it takes you to read this sentence. You can blog as much as you want for free, your blog can be public to the world or private for just your friends, and our paid upgrades are completely optional. You can change the look of your blog with over 60 attractive themes ranging from professional to crazy, and you can switch themes instantly with just a click of a button.

LiveJournal lets you express yourself, share your life, and connect with friends online. You can use LiveJournal in many different ways: as a private journal, a blog, a discussion forum, a social network, and more.

Tumblr lets you easily post videos, pictures, links, and of course you can write there too.

Vox is a great place to build your online neighborhood. Add seamless integration with popular web services like Flickr and YouTube. Vox makes sharing your life with friends and family, easy, safe, and fun.

Xanga is a lively community of online diaries. Create your own profile and interact with other users.

Dedicated and Shared Hosting Services

HostGator provides Reseller Web Hosting and Shared Hosting solutions. The reseller hosting program is for both businesses and individuals. All plans include a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Blogsite combines multiple weblogs, syndicated guest weblogs, and automatically maintained public briefing channels to create a formidable Internet presence that can be maintained easily by non-technical users. It provides daily market intelligence briefings, delivered securely to your authors, to help them be more informed and productive in their blogging activity.

CirtexHosting brings professional, affordable and qualitative Web hosting to users all around the globe. It provides Shared Hosting & Reseller Hosting Solutions for both individuals and businesses. All customers enjoy 24/7 Support, 99.5% Uptime Guarantee and a 30-Day Unconditional Money back guarantee.

BlueHost offers professional Web Hosting plans that include all the features you are looking for at the best possible price.

Dreamhost offers a premium blog hosting for a very small amount of money.

Media Temple provides Grid based hosting. It eliminated roadblocks and single points of failure by using hundreds of servers working in tandem for your site, applications, and email. You always will be ready for intense bursts of traffic and the growing audience resulting from your online success.

TypePad is the premier blogging service for professionals, hosting many of the world’s most popular blogs and small business web sites. TypePad’s ease of use enables you to create a blog in minutes.

Blog Statistics & Analysis

StatCounter is a free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats. Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page or blog and you will be able to analyze and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time.

Site Meter‘s comprehensive real time website tracking and counter tools give you instant access to vital information and data about your sites audience. With the detailed reporting you’ll have a clear picture of who is visiting your site, how they found you, where they came from, what interests them and much more.

Feedburner is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Its Web-based tools help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web.

Alexa has the statistics for all of the Internet. It lets you compare your blog to another one.

Google Analytics can help you learn even more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site.

MeasureMap helps you understand what people do at your blog, and what influence you are having on the world.

Blog Monetization

PayPal allows you to set up a donations system on your site. Your readers can click a button that will bring them to a page where they can send you some cash.

Chitika helps you earn money by placing Chitika ads.

LinkAdage allows to get revenue from your website by way of bidding, brokering, and exchanging text advertisements.

Txtswap is a text link exchange network. It allows you to show links for your own site on other websites in return for showing links to other websites on your own site. The result: More visibility and more traffic to your site.

Google AdSense matches ads to your site’s content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them.

Yahoo Publisher network – display ads that are relevant to the content of your site and earn money from qualified clicks.

AdBrite – Get paid for text link advertisements on your blog.

Text Link Ads a supplier of text link advertisements. Sell simple, relevant text ads on your website, and make money.

BidVertiser – display the BidVertiser text ads on your website or blog, get paid for every click and have the payments sent directly to your PayPal account.

ReviewMe – get paid to review products and services on your site. You control what you review.

PayPerPost Get paid for blogging. Write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers. Disclosure required.

BlogBurst – increase your reach, visibility, and readership by making your blog available to the network of leading publishers. Best blogs get paid for their content.

Mobile Based Blogging

Jaiku brings people closer together by enabling them to share their presence. It offers a way to connect with the people you care about by sharing presence updates with them on the Web and mobile.

TextAmerica allows to send images and video via camera phone, upload Images and video from your desktop or digital camera, post instantly to the Web (no MMS or email needed).

Twitter lets you say what you are doing in 140 characters or less.

Blogs about Blogging

Advanced Business Blogging is designed to pull back the curtain of confusion surrounding the use of blogs, podcasts, MySpace, YouTube, and many more Web 2.0 tools. It takes you way beyond the technology to the strategies proven to get results when using New Media to win new business online.

Andy Wibbels is the author of Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging. He has helped hundreds of businesses all over the world get started blogging, increase traffic and make money online.

Blogging for Business focuses on practical business implications and uses of new media and technologies, including Blogging and Business, podcasting, and other “Cool Internet Stuff.”

Blogging Pro provides news, plugins, tips and technical support for bloggers.

Blogs in Education is designed to provide you some resources if you want to get started using blogs for yourself or with your students.

MasterNewMedia is the new media communication expert that researches, writes and publishes on the effective use of new technologies for learning, business and social change.

Problogger is dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.

Blogging Forums & Sites

Blogger Forum is a primary Internet source for blogging information, help and tips. It provides help to new bloggers to start them off in the world of blogging.

Bloggst is a community for bloggers. It provides daily updated articles on blogging and a discussion forum.

Blogger Talk – great resource for bloggers who want to share their experiences.

The Blog Herald is a premium source of blog and blogging related news for bloggers.

True Blogging – a forum completely dedicated to bloggers, blogging resources and blog monetization.

Webloggers focuses on marketing blogs, software for bloggers, blogging news and mobile blogging.

Useful Tools

MyBlogLog – Possibly the coolest blog community building tool around. Doubles as a simple analytics tool.
BlogRolling is a one-stop linklist manager for your blog or journal, helping you manage your ever-evolving linklist with ease. Managing your linklist meant having to crawl through the HTML in your template every time you want to add or remove a link. No more! Now it’s as simple as clicking a link or making a pit stop at BlogRolling.

PollDaddy is a free online tool, which allows you to create polls and place them on your website or blog, or anywhere online that you can paste a bit of HTML A poll allows you to ask your website visitors or email respondents a question for which you will give them a series of answers to choose from. Once people start to vote, you can view the results by logging into your PollDaddy account or subscribing to the poll RSS feed.

Favicon Maker is the first web tool for creating still / animated favicons from regular images.

Qumana is an easy-to-use desktop blog editor, enabling you to write, edit and post to one or more blogs. You can use Qumana even when you are offline. Save your blog posts to your hard drive and upload whenever you like. Great for bloggers on the move. Qumana features include easy text formatting and image insertion, simple Technorati tagging, and advertising insertion with Q Ads. Make money from your blog content by inserting the ads of your choice with the built-in Q Ads tool.

Blogjet is a Windows blog client for managing multiple blogs, with features no web-based blog editor can match. Your photos on Flickr and videos on YouTube will complement your blog – and now it’s easy to insert them to your posts, as BlogJet supports these services natively.

Blogarithm lets you easily manage all the blogs (or any other pages you’d like) that you track. Any time one or more of the blogs you read changes, you’ll get BlogMailtm – a morning email listing all your blogs that have new content – including excerpts when available!

BlogSticker is a new and original service which allows you to display stickers on your blog. By placing a single sticker you can: support any topics, specific campaigns, your favourite teams, your favourite brands, tell the world what you are up to, tell the world what you are against to, and much, much more.

MyOpenId is a new way to identify yourself all over the web. With your own personal OpenID you can login to any OpenID-enabled site and identify yourself as you.

BlogFlux tools offers 4 useful tools – Button Maker, Email Scramble, Quick RSS links, Who’s Online (find out who is visiting your website).

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