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Useful Tools for Flickr

Desktop Applications


Flickr Finder – Mac OS X application for browsing your photos.

1001 for Mac OS X is a desktop client to be used in conjunction with Flickr. It not only uploads photos to your Flickr account, it notifies you anytime new photos from either your contacts, everyone, or your favorite tags are uploaded. 1001 allows you to step into the stream of photos passing through Flickr and to quickly see what’s new at the moment. Just run the app in the background and if triggered, 1001 pops up a small unobtrusive window to notify you of new photos.

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Best Online Photography Tools

Photo Sharing


Flickr is certainly one the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. It helps people make their photos available to the people who matter to them. Flickr gets photos into and out of the system in as many ways as possible: from the web, from mobile devices, from the users’ home computers and from whatever software they are using to manage their photos. It enables new ways of organizing photos. In Flickr, you can give your friends, family, and other contacts permission to organize your photos – not just to add comments, but also notes and tags. With Flickr you can create prints, calling cards, photo-books, slideshow-DVDs, postage stamps, and much more.

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Premium Blogger Resources

WordPress Themes

wordpress themes

WordPress Themes provides a great amount of WordPress themes that are conveniently categorized according to the theme and theme properties.

ThemeViewer provides WordPress users with the opportunity to view the huge amount of themes available and allow them a quick test run or demo at the same time.

TemplateMonster provides an excellent collection of WordPress Themes that is updated regularly. If you fail to find the design for your blog, you can use the wishbox to request the design you desire.

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Must-Read Articles to Become a Blogger

Many of you are always looking for ways to improve your blogs. I think the best way to be successful is to learn from those who have already made their mark. Here is a listing of  must-read articles which have enough information to help you to make your blog the  best.


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Bring Your A-game to Write for Blogs

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